Lefkada is the only island which is accessible by car without the added expense of sea travel. The famous bridge connects the island with the mainland, without tolls.

By Car

If you are coming from the northern areas of Greece and the Balkans, the easiest access to Lefkada is via the Egnatia Highway. Then you are heading to Amphilohia and from there onwards to Lefkada. Similarly if you are travelling from the southern parts of the mainland, then you can have access by the Athens-Patra Highway. The island is 100km away from Igoumenitsa, 378km away from Athens and 420km from Thessaloniki.

Once on Lefkada town, you are heading to Nidri in the south of the island. On this route you will pass by the first village, Kariotes, where Regalo is located.

By Plane

Aktion airport is the closest to the Regalo suite. It is situated on the mainland and is approximately 18km from Lefkada town. Seasonally from April to October there are many international charter flights to Aktion from various parts of Europe, making it easily accessible.Other options include inbound flights from either Athens airport or Ioannina airport.

Once you land at the airport, you can get a taxi or rent a car for your transfer to the island. We would recommend car rental as an easiest facility in the island.

By Sea

The Ancona and Venice ports in Italy are the starting points of the ferries to the Greek ports of Igoumenitsa in the north, or Patra in the south of the country. From there, you can drive to Lefkada.

There are local ferry lines that connect Kefalonia and Ithaca Islands with the Lefkada’s ports Nydri and Vasiliki.